Time to Say “THANKS”

In Day to Day life, we miss so many special days. Still when someone close to you, remembers your birthday & wish you “Happy Birthday” make you feel happy & overwhelmed. When matter comes to Festivals, SMS & chat messages start flooding Inbox week before the festival.

Now, come back to social event Days like “International Women’s Day“, “Valentine’s Day“, “Mother’s Day“, different types of Animal Day, different types of Diseases day(Malaria, AIDS), different profession’s Day ( Doctor’s Day, Engineers Day, etc.) everybody or one or the other organization knows it & celebrate.
There are many days, when shop keepers will keep Big banners & cut-outs to make you celebrate special days. Especially on Women’s Day & Mother’s Day all shops(jewellery, dress materials, online shopping site’s) will give heavy discounts saying “did you choose gift for someone close to you?

Individuals may not remember all days but let me ask you
1) When is “International Women’s Day”?
2) When is “Mother’s Day”?

I’m damn sure most of you knows answer of at-least one question. If you don’t remember exact date, at-least you know these days are exist.

Let, me ask you another set of questions
2) When is “FATHER’S Day“?

Again, I’m sure most of you having expressions like :O, don’t even know these special days are exists.
This is called hidden misandry or Ignorance. May be fault of shopkeepers & online sites that they don’t declare discounts coz they don’t think these days are worth of celebration.

Is that Really True?
Do we really think :
Man don’t need relaxing moments?
Man don’t deserve respect?
Man don’t deserve Gifts on special days?

A man is part of your life from the time of your inception, else you would never have been born. Are we so ignorant & disrespectful? that we can celebrate Disease Day, Animal Day etc. but we cant celebrate “Father’s Day” & “Men’s Day“.
Father, Brother, Son, Husband, Friend.. a  man plays  so many roles in his whole life, cant we give one happy moment by wishing him “Happy Men’s Day“? with Rose, chocolate’s or simple wishes to give them happiness & payback all their good deeds.

How to celebrate Men’s Day in office?
Distribute chocolates & make man happy.
Go & have talk with HR Team make them to celebrate “Men’s Day” similar like “Women’s Day”.
Ask for discounts to online shopping sites so that you can buy gifts.
Share Men’s Day details on Social sites so let the society know “Men’s Day celebration is also important”.
Last but not least don’t forget to wish Men around you.

Let’s Pledge every Men’s Day 19th November & Father’s Day 21st June, we will wish Father, Brother, Son, Husband or Friend.
Not only wishes, we will respect & remember all their good deeds & support.


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